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General Chair
Lothar Pauly
Siemens Communications, Germany
Executive Chair
Werner Mohr
Siemens Communications, Germany
TPC Chair
K.C. Chua
National Univ. of Singapore, Republic of Singapore
TPC Vice-Chair (Phy/MAC)
Sumit Roy
Univ. of Washington, USA
TPC Vice-Chair (Networks)
Victor Leung
Univ. of British Columbia, Canada
TPC Vice-Chair (Services & Applications)
Abbas Jamalipour
Univ. of Sydney, Australia
TPC Vice-Chair (Tutorials)
T.J. Lim
Univ. of Toronto, Canada
TPC Vice-Chair (Technology / Business Applications Panels)
Vijay Varma
Telcordia Technologies, USA
Publications Chair
Charles Knutson
Brigham Young Univ., USA
Associate TPC Vice Chair (Phy/MAC)
Uday Desai
IIT - Bombay, India
Project Manager
Debora Kingston
IEEE Communications Society, USA
Bruce Worthman
IEEE Communications Society, USA
WCNC Steering Committee Chair
J. Roberto B. de Marca
PUC/Rio, Brazil

Intent to Participate
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Yes! I plan to submit a technical paper(s) for review and acceptance purposes. Optional: This paper(s) will address the following topical area(s):
Yes! I plan to attend WCNC ‘05, but I will not submit a technical paper. Please forward preliminary program and registration information as it becomes available.
Yes! I plan to submit a Tutorial program proposal. Optional: This tutorial will address the following topical area:
Yes! I’d like to organize a Business Applications Session (BAS) on the following topic. Please contact me.
Yes! My organization may be interested to become a WCNC 2005 financial patron. Please contact me via email with detailed information.
Yes! My organization may be interested to exhibit as part of the CTIA WIRELESS 2005 tradeshow. Please have a CTIA representative forward an exhibitors kit.
Yes! I have viewed the New Passport / VISA requirements for US Entry at: http://travel.state.gov/nonimmigrantvisas.html
Please contact me for further visa assistance

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