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Conference Program
WCNC 2005 Tutorials

Monday 14 March 9:00 - 12:30

T10: Ultra Wide Band Radio in Distributed Wireless Networks

Instructor: Guerino Giancola, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy

The main goal of this tutorial is the analysis and discussion of the potentials of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio in the design of distributed wireless networks. Fundamental issues related to UWB systems are investigated in order to highlight the potentials of a technology which appears as one of the favourite candidates in the definition of standards for new generation wireless networks.

In particular, attention will focus on the capability provided by UWB to acquire accurate information about node positions in the network, which leads to the definition of flexible and power efficient procedures for both resource management and routing.

At the end of the tutorial, attendants will have acquired the basics of UWB radio, including topics such as synchronization, ranging and positioning, and medium access, and will have gained insight into UWB network design.

Guerino Giancola received the Laurea degree (magna cum laude) in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy, 2001, with a thesis on the analysis and the modeling of electromagnetic propagation in outdoor urban scenarios for mobile radio communications systems. Currently, he is a Research Affiliate at the INFOCOM Department of the University of Rome La Sapienza, where he is working toward the Ph.D. degree in Information and Communication Theory. His research interests include Ultra Wide Band radio technology, multi-carrier transmission techniques, and Medium Access Control protocols. From 2001 to 2002, he participated in a national research project financed by the Italian Ministry for University and Scientific-Technological Research (MURST), project PRIN2000: "OFDM Systems for Applications in the Wireless LANs". Since 2002, he participates into two European Union research projects within the International Society Technologies program (IST): project No. IST-2001-32710: "Ultra-wideband Concepts for Ad-hoc Networks (UCAN)", and project No. IST-2000-25197: "Whyless.com - The Open Mobile Access Networks". Since 2002 he also participates into the national research project financed by the Italian Ministry for University and Research (MIUR), project FIRB: "VICOM - Virtual Immersive COMmunications", and into two integrated projects within the 6th European Union Framework Program (Pulsers and Liaison), both aimed at the design and implementation of UWB systems. Currently, he is a Student Member of the IEEE Communication Society. He is reviewer of the IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, and the Journal of Communications and Networks. He recently completed together with Maria-Gabriella Di Benedetto a book "Understanding Ultra Wide Band Radio Fundamentals" on Ultra Wide Band radio, which was published in June 2004 by Prentice-Hall.

Tutorial participants will be entitled to a 35% discount on the book 'Understanding Ultra Wide Band Radio Fundamentals' by M.-G. Di Benedetto and G. Giancola, published by Prentice Hall, and free ground shipping within the US and Canada. The discounted price will be US$57.85; the regular price is US$89.00. To purchase the book at the discounted price, please contact Prof. T. J. Lim at limtj@comm.utoronto.ca with your tutorial registration number."

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