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General Chair
Lothar Pauly
Siemens Communications, Germany
Executive Chair
Werner Mohr
Siemens Communications, Germany
TPC Chair
K.C. Chua
National Univ. of Singapore, Republic of Singapore
TPC Vice-Chair (Phy/MAC)
Sumit Roy
Univ. of Washington, USA
TPC Vice-Chair (Networks)
Victor Leung
Univ. of British Columbia, Canada
TPC Vice-Chair (Services & Applications)
Abbas Jamalipour
Univ. of Sydney, Australia
TPC Vice-Chair (Tutorials)
T.J. Lim
Univ. of Toronto, Canada
TPC Vice-Chair (Technology / Business Applications Panels)
Vijay Varma
Telcordia Technologies, USA
Publications Chair
Charles Knutson
Brigham Young Univ., USA
Associate TPC Vice Chair (Phy/MAC)
Uday Desai
IIT - Bombay, India
Project Manager
Debora Kingston
IEEE Communications Society, USA
Bruce Worthman
IEEE Communications Society, USA
WCNC Steering Committee Chair
J. Roberto B. de Marca
PUC/Rio, Brazil

Conference Program
WCNC 2005 Technology and Business Applications Panels

Wednesday 16 March 2005
14:00 - 15:30 Room 208 - 210

P2: WiMAX: Facts & Fiction

Chair: Umesh Amin, Vice President, WiMAX Initiative, Speakeasy, USA

Abstract: Broadband services are here and here to stay. Many technology options are available to create the broadband technology mosaic. In the market place. XDSL, HFC, Fiber to the curve, and BWA are key components of the broadband technology mosaic. In past twelve months, WiMAX has build considerable amount of momentum for BWA. With rapid 3G deployment around the world and the BWA echo system galvanizing around WiMAX, this panel will first make a reality check on what WiMAX is and what it is not, discuss the role of WiMAX in the broadband technology mosaic on a global basis, and provide the audience a realistic view of what impact WiMAX will have on the digital divide.

Doug Smith, Director of Carrier Market Development, Intel, USA
Mo Shakouri, AVP, Marketing, Alvarion, Israel, and VP Marketing WiMAX Forum
Jeff Orr, Proxim, USA, and Board Member, WiMAX Forum
Brian Gardepe, Senior Vice President, Emerging Opportunities, Level(3), USA
Gerry Salemme, Executive Vice President, Clearwire, USA
Reza Ahy, President & CEO, Aperto Networks, USA

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